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Banana bars suck

This morning we went for a family bike ride in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Miss 4 has just started riding her beautiful hot pink Electra completely unassisted.  

All was going brilliantly. 

Then we got to a tight bend, with a pair of those stupid yellow banana bars that only Australian safety boffins seem to think are a good idea.  These particular bars were guarding a tight bend in the bike path, no doubt to protect cars from crashing into the 1.5 metre wide bridge railings a couple of feet further on (/sarcasm ... there's really no point for them).

Because they're right on the corner, they even give me the willies. Our kiddie trailer only just fits through. 

The inevitable happens, and Miss 4 catches her handlebars on them and crashes. 

I'm so sick of living in a place where cycling infrastructure (and rules) are designed by pinheads who clearly have never ridden a bike in their life.

Oh, and in case you don't live in Australia, banana bars are great big yellow metal railings on either side of a bike path, that curve in to create a pinch point usually no wider than one person.   No one really knows why.

Luckily Miss 4 was going pretty slowly, and no damage done ... except some nasty scrapes on the mudguard of the Electra.