Act of aggression

A site dedicated to cycling rants about Brisbane ...and a board game

First post

Please excuse the mess. I've just moved in here and this is my first attempt at a website all my own.

Other interwebby posts have been simple: write some guff, send it to techno-savvy friends with a website, they post it up, hey presto there it is.  My mental meanderings for all the world to see.

The problem is what I write has to be about something said friends (or site) want to publish.

Often, I just want to write shit.

So methinks, how hard can it be to start a website of my very own?

This first post is, of course, complete rubbish. But please come back when I've unpacked a few things, hung up some pics, have the place in some semblance of order. As it takes shape I expect this site to cover two distinct areas of interest, possibly more. I'll have menus so that those uninterested in one area can completely avoid it (a likely thing).

First up, this site will be about my thoughts on urban transportation, which will be very pro- cycling and pro-public transit, and very anti- personal automobile.

Secondly, this site will also be about a board game called "Act of aggression". So the website name is actually about the board game, not the state of transport in Brisbane, Australia or the western developed world in general.  That relevance is just a happy coinky-dink.

Just to be an enigma, a possible third category of subject matter might be old cars. You see,  while I hate what automobiles have done to my society, I still have a passion for their history and engineering. A bit like any recovering addict really.  Whether it be booze or heroin, the stuff represents all that went horrible in one's life , but we still find ourselves staring lovingly at the bottle, appreciating the integrity of a tumbler of single malt, or thinking wistfully about the last great hit.

Oh, and if the references to booze and drugs offend you, fuck off. Go back to looking at porn.

Just want to set the tone of the site right off the bat.